Welcome to CarrierCredit.org

Carrier Credit was created to assist companies in the VoIP arena to know if a carrier or company is on another company’s blacklist because of debts owed.

We have started this to assist both ourselves, and you so we can all determine whether a company is worth doing business with or not.

Please feel free to add customers who owe you money, and list both company name and contact names associated as many of these companies change their name or sell their assets but do not sell the debt owed.  We are doing this so the names associated can also be included on the ‘Blacklist’ available for all to see.

Please be proactive so if you add a company to this list and then they do pay you in full, please let us know, or remove them from this list when payment is processed.

Thank you.


Someone OWES you MONEY?

Report Your Debtors!